DarkRP Rules
As of 31th of May 2023
Key Terms
  1. RDM means "Random Death Match"
  2. NLR means "New Life Rule"
  3. OOC means "Out of Character"
  4. Metagaming is using any form of out of character communication or information in-character. This is using information received out of character to an advantage.
  5. Minge someone who is puposely harming the roleplay the server, breaking or attempting to break the servers rules and in general and all around dick.
  1. Chat Rules

    1. Be friendly to other players and staff in game and out of game.
    2. Don't advertise any service on Gizmoandsmudge servers in any way, such as text chat or microphone.
    3. Don't spam text chat or oice chat. Repeating anything more than three times may be considered spam.
    4. We are an english community; only speak english anywhere public on Gizmoandsmudge servers. This includes OOC and discord.
  2. Abusive Speech/Actions

    1. Don't use abusive language of any kind. This includes but is not limited to being racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, or harassing others anywhere on Gizmoandsmudge servers.
    2. Don't act in a way that is discriminatory. This includes but is not limited to being racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, or harassing others anywhere on Gizmoandsmudge servers.
  3. Compliance

    1. Listen to instructions or opinions of staff in enforcement of rules, and don't argue with them. You must trust in their judgement and interpretation of rules.
    2. If you don't agree with a staff decision, be calm, and respectfully ask senior staff. Let senior staff decide and follow the decision.
    3. Don't take rules into your own hands, and don't break rules in response to others breaking rules. Since kids were invented, parents have always said 'If John jumped off a cliff, would you do it?'
    4. You should not demote a player for breaking rules when staff are dealing with the situation.
    5. Don't falsify evidence, lie to staff or maliciously impersonate others. The only reason to do so is to harm others, which is not ok.
  4. Exploits, Cheats & Use of Third-party software

    1. Don't use third party software, exploits or console commands to gain an advantage. This includes the use of auto-clickers, movement macros, or any other third-party programs to simulate movement or actions.
    2. Don't abuse sitting to avoid damage, or to get to places otherwise not viable. This includes sitting on other's heads to get to places otherwise inaccesible, or clipping through walls with sitting.
    3. Don't try to exploit the casino. This includes macros or auto clickers.
    4. Don't abuse props to block players, bases, entities or shipments without faiding doors. Faiding doors must be controllable by other players.
    5. Don't use excessive constraints, props, effects, entities, or shipments for any reason. This includes using them to be annoying, or to cause lag or instability for players or the server.
    6. Don't spawn props to climb to otherwise inaccesible spaces, known as prop climbing.
    7. You should not attempt to push players or entities with props.
    8. Don't spam thrusters or any toolgun.
  5. RDM

    1. Don't kill or attempt to kill any player without a valid reason in RP, known as RDM. A valid reason may include mugging, raiding or being attacked.
    2. You can't kill anyone in crossfire. If you do, you are guilty of RDM.
    3. You may warn someone to leave you alone, and upon them failing to do so you may kill them.
  6. NLR

    1. Don't harass, annoy or kill anyone after you have been killed by them, or they have killed you. You should interact with them as if you have never seen them before.
    2. When you die you must forget everything from your previous life, apart from who your friends are, where your base is your job, and how much money you have. You have to forget who killed you, where you died and the reason for it.
    3. Don't return to a base being raided after you have been killed in said raid. This works for both raiders and defenders.
    4. Don't return to any flag being captured after you have been killed in a flag capture, until the capture is over. This works for both raiders and defenders.
    5. You must not rejoin a raid or a gang war after you have been killed in them.
  7. Building Rules

    1. You need at least one entrance to a base.
    2. Don't use more than three fading doors to get into a base.
    3. All bases need to be raidable, where all entities and shipments can be reached by any raider without spawning props or using tools.
    4. You must ensure all fading doors have buttons or keypads that are used to operate them by any player.
    5. All keypads or buttons used to control fading doors are visible, and easily noticeable by a raider.
    6. You have to build in sections that can fit at least four standing players per section, in any combination of length and width. A section is demarcated by doors or fading doors. You should make sections a minimum of 2x2x2 in size, though 1x4x2 is also acceptable. This is to allow raiders a fair chance to crack and defend the cracker.
    7. Don't build base that blocks access to more than 50% of a map section, demarcated by tunnels. You must not build a base that blocks any significant portion of the island, beach or city sections of the map.
    8. Don't build bases in the map tunnels.
    9. Don't build sections of your base where people have to crouch to get through.
    10. Don't build Mazes for base defence, or incorporate tunnels that take ten seconds to go through.
    11. Don't have fading doors within your base for defending close within five seconds, bypassing the minimum restrictions with tools such as wiremod.
    12. Don't use one way materials to gain an unfair advantage for raiding. You can only use models/props_building_details/Storefront_Template001a_Bars.mdl for one way walls, but you cannot shoot through it.
    13. Don't no collide props to shoot through during a raid, especially models/props_building_details/Storefront_Template001a_Bars.mdl. This causes an unfair advantage.
    14. When building with a building sign, you can't have any money making related entities.
  8. Defending Rules

    1. Don't lure players into your base to kill them.
    2. Within a 4x4x4 area of your base, you may KOS for being annoying if there is a sign up, or if you warn the player beforehand with 5 seconds to action it. Your base is demarcated by the boundary of the outermost door, or outermost fading door. Killing outside of this area is RDM.
    3. You can KOS anyone who has forced their way into your base. You should give them chance to leave peacefully, but it is not a requirement.
    4. Don't use your keyboard input to open fading doors in your bases. This includes to allow easier fire against players, or to break their ability to crack fading doors.
    5. Don't change job while you are being raided, or until after a raider has had 5 minutes to sell your loot. This only serves to make the raider's loose loot, and is unfair.
  9. Raiding Rules

    1. Don't start raiding the same base within 30 minutes of raiding it prior.
    2. Your raid cannot last more than 10 minutes.
    3. Don't raid bases where there is clearly no purpose to do so, such as the base being open and having no visible entities. Invalid reasons are classed as RDM.
    4. You must have a valid warrant to raid as a government job. A valid reason includes making sure the law is followed where there is clear reason to suspect that it is being broken.
    5. Don't request warrants on unfounded suspicions as government. In the course of raiding, you can request multiple warrants until the raid is over.
    6. You must use /raid to begin a raid as any roleplay job, and use /over once raiding has finished. If you use advert instead, you may be told to use /raid, and upon repeated failure may be punished.
    7. If raiding in a party, all members of the party must use /raid to inform others of the raid.
    8. You can steal entities on the street.
    9. You cannot raid buildings with building signs.
    10. Don't change jobs while you are raiding a base. If you are raiding a base you must be prepared beforehand. Switching jobs is an unfair advantage to raiding.
  10. Mugging Rules

    1. Don't mug with anyone who is not in the same gang as yourself.
    2. Don't mug people for more than $15,000
    3. Don't mug if you are not a criminal.
    4. You must use /mug while looking at a victim to begin a mug, and use /over once mugging has finished. If you use advert instead, you may be told to use /mug, and upon repeated failure may be punished.
    5. You can give a countdown while mugging.
    6. You have to allow ten seconds for a victim to comply with mugging, unless they run or retaliate.
  11. Job Rules

    1. You can demote someone for not doing their job. This includes not selling as a dealer, or abusing power as a government role.
    2. Don't demote a player for being annoying.
    3. Don't become a dealer job solely to supply yourself. This includes to self supply yourself a weapon then switch jobs.
    4. Don't abuse arresting as mayor or police for a reason that is not deemed illegal by laws. Valid reasons include the core three laws, such as unlawful killing.
    5. Don't create laws that contradict the core three laws as mayor. You must not enforce contradicting laws as police or SWAT.
    6. Don't create laws as mayor to arrest or kill specific jobs, or restrict basic game features such as the ability to speak. You must not enforce such laws as police or SWAT.
    7. You can't accept hits outside of the hit system. Doing so and following through on it is considered RDM.
  12. Purge Rules

    1. RDM and NLR no longer applies during the purge.
    2. You can't continuously kill people who have come out of the spawn, known as camping the spawn. The purge cannot take place in the spawn and main casino.
    3. The government can't arrest, handcuf or tase others during the purge, but may participate, except for the mayor who is immune.
  13. Other Rules

    1. FailRP: You can ignore a threat to your life. You should expect to be killed if you do ignore a threat. If you die as a result you can't report the attacker for breaking rules.
    2. Compensation: We don't compensate you for client crashes. We may only you for unexpected server crashes and forced downtime. Refunds are subject to discression of founders, case by case.