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We at Gizmoandsmudge strive to make a fun engaging experience for everyone to enjoy. We have unique game servers with a dedicated team to provide the best experience and are always adding more content.

  • Friendly and Expierenced Staff
  • Dedicated to our players
  • Always improving, always listening to our players
Zero's BotNet
Dynamic Market
Popular and Custom Addons

Fun and Enjoyment for Everyone

We have some of the most popular addons for DarkRP servers and strive to make a fun engaging expierence for everyone to enjoy.

  • Zero's BotNet
  • Zero's Grow OP
  • Dynamic Market
  • Purge
Always Improving

We have done this a long time

We've ran many Garry's Mod servers over the years and gained a lot of experience. But we're always improving, thanks to our constant feedback and suggestions from our players.


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The ultimate way to support our community and the best perks.

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  • +$500,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the community founded?

The community was founded by Gizmoandsmudge in May 2009. The community started out as a Spacebuild 2 server and became popular over the months. After about a year Gizmoandsmudge learnt that a lot of players enjoyed roleplaying while in space and decided he would attempt to create a DarkRP server. From there the community launched heavily and became popular quick.

Why DarkRP?

Gizmo, William and Matthew decided to re-launch the community with the first server being a DarkRP Server because it goes back to the roots of the community, and having a lot of experience in the roleplay sector of Garry's mod means it makes it easier for us to understand and work to provide you (the players) a great roleplaying experience.

Why should play on the Gizmoandsmudge Community?

We let players decide if they feel the community is worth investing their time into. We try our best to work with you (the players) to structure our community so we can make it fun for everyone. Want to suggest something you think could help improve us as a community? Join our discord!

Why should I donate?

We don't force people to donate, and try to keep pay2win to a minimum by giving access to users stuff that would normally be restricted on most servers (Ninja, Hydropot, LED Lamp etc.) If you do wish to donate then all donations go stright back into the server by either allowing us to pay for developers, purchasing scripts or just paying the bills for the server! If you do have any questions feel free to add Gizmoandsmudge on steam!